Cocobolo and Seashell Steak Knife


This incredible six piece steak knife set from Behring Made© is a true compliment to the dining experience for both you and your guests with the enchanting blues of the stabilized seashell contrasted by the deep whiskey tones of exhibition grade cocobolo. Pair the handle with a razor sharp 440c stainless blade slicing a perfectly grilled tenderloin like melted butter and what you have is an unforgettable experience. Steel measures 5" from tip to guard with a perfect convex grind above a copper guard soldered in place with black and white fiber, copper spacers. Overall length measures 9 7/8" and each come in a felt lined zipper case for easy storage, transit or gifting. *DUE TO MATERIAL AVAILABILITY, PLEASE CONTACT TO ORDER

Behring Made Knives are made to order unless marked otherwise. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.