All of our custom knives (excluding kitchen cutlery) will come in a handmade leather sheath, while the Behring Technicals come with custom molded all-weather Kydex sheaths. We give you the option of choosing the tooling and the color, and the style of sheath- if you don't see what you want below, just ask. Our plain Behring Made pouch sheaths are handmade locally in Montana while our custom sheaths come from Warlander Leather (Stevensville, Montana), Rowe's Leather (Hope, Arkansas), Treestump Leather (Waltham, Maine) and Roger "Mudbone" Jones (Waverly, Ohio). 

    1. Floral Pouch Sheath

    2. No Longer Available

    3. Basketweave Pouch Sheath

    4. Plain Pouch Sheath

    5. Plain Belt Sheath

    6. Basketweave Belt Sheath 7. Plain Boot Sheath 8. Cattail Pouch Sheath