JAMES + JIM BEHRING Westinghouse Match Hunter Set

It was in 2005 that James went full-time making knives with and for his dad, Jim Behring (Treeman Knives) in Michigan. In those days, James was marking with his "J. Behring Jr. Handmade" stamp until he launched Behring Made in June of 2011. In 2006 they collaborated on a matched pair of hunters that have been tucked away deep in a safe until we came upon them this last weekend at the 2021 Blade Show in Atlanta. These blades are hand forged from 1/4" thick high carbon 01 tool steel and they measure 4 1/2" from tip to guard with hollow grinds and a hammermark finish. Jim's is marked with the since-retired Treeman logo, "J. Behring Michigan" and his "USA" stamp to boot. The brass guards are silver soldered in place above black and white fiber, aluminum, brass and brown micarta spacers which top the aged Westinghouse micarta handles which are pinned through the tang with brass. Overall lengths measure 9 1/4" and they come in pig skin Jack Mosher leather sheaths. You can try, but you won't find another set like this!!!
Behring Made Knives are made to order unless marked otherwise. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.