Vietnam era Randall Knives Model 1-8

This is a fun one, and pretty rare too. A gentleman offered us a "rough shape" Randall Knives model 1-8 in trade that was in much need of some TLC- it must have seen some hell in Vietnam ( it was made between 1964-1972), but our clean up yielded a nice revival. The blade is hand forged high carbon 01 tool steel and it measures 8" from tip to guard with a nice sharp hollow grind. It does appear that the tip has been slightly modified, and Randall confirmed that this had not been done in-house. The flat-top brass guard is soldered in place above the classic 7 spacer variant as well as a finger grip green micarta handle that also features an unlined thonghole. At some point down the line, someone drilled out the original compass, but we sourced an era appropriate RMK compass and set it in place. Overall length measures just over 12", and unfortunately this one does not come with a sheath.
Behring Made Knives are made to order unless marked otherwise. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.