Artifact Walrus Net Weight Woodcraft + Premium Mudbone Leather

Nothing beats a Behring Made© blade, and the handle on this incredible new Woodcraft is like nothing you've seen or held before. It's an artifact walrus tusk that was used by Inuit Alaskan tribes as a primitive weight for their fishing nets with one of the holes still retained where it would be fastened- plus the range of colors is outstanding from light creams to earthy browns. The blade is hand forged from 3/16" thick high carbon 01 tool steel and measures 5 1/4" from tip to guard with a razor sharp hollow grind and our hammermark finish. The brass guard is soldered in place above black fiber, brass and musk ox boss spacers that pay a perfect compliment to the walrus below. The overall length measures just under 10" and we sent this one out to Mudbone for an over-the-top custom sheath. He drew inspiration from Native carvings depicting the early shamanistic interpretations of they believed to be man's connection to his brother the salmon. On the back strap Mudbone included two hands that signify one cannot retain all of life's blessings, in which excess falls through the holes for others. *PLEASE CONTACT TO ORDER
Behring Made Knives are made to order unless marked otherwise. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.